Eton is focused on bringing products to patients through the FDA’s 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway. Its pipeline includes nearly a dozen products in various stages of development across a variety of dosage forms. Eton’s pipeline is focused on innovative 505(b)(2) products and marketed unapproved drugs.

Innovative Products

Eton develops proprietary formulations of approved molecules that offer improvements for patients and physicians. Products typically offer improved safety/efficacy profiles, lower costs, and/or new indications for patients. Eton has numerous innovative products in various stages of development across multiple dosage forms, and anticipates filing its first innovative product NDA in 2018.

Marketed Unapproved Drugs

Eton seeks to legitimize markets where the US healthcare system is currently relying on unapproved medicines. Eton intends to follow FDA guidelines, cGMP practices, and clinical trial requirements to gain formal FDA approval of products and provide reliable supplies to patients. Eton anticipates submitting its first marketed unapproved drug NDA filing in 2017.

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